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4000-087-Tokar, Joshua and Svitlana

Ukraine Prayer Guide Available (2022)
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The Tokars partner with the Ukrainian church to equip ministers of the Gospel from Ukraine and other former Soviet countries.

Josh and Svitlana Tokar both came to know Christ at a young age. Josh was born and raised in a Christian home in Elk River, Minnesota, attending the local Baptist church since birth. He became a believer at age 12 and was baptized the following summer.

Svitlana comes from rural central Ukraine. After the fall of the Soviet Union, her grandmother was the first in her family to repent. Svitlana and her mother started going to church with her grandmother, through which Svitlana became involved with Adventure Bible Camps held by a partnering church from Elk River. Through the witness of her grandmother and the camps, Svitlana accepted Christ at 16.

Josh became interested in missions at a young age and sensed God calling him to be a missionary when he was 18 and studying to be an airline pilot in Germany, when involvement in campus ministry opened his eyes to the needs of unreached people around the world. Svitlana was introduced to missions through Josh and is passionate about reaching the lost in her homeland.

The Tokars moved to Ukraine in 2013. They started out at Donetsk Christian University in the eastern part of the country but due to the war, which began in 2014, were forced to flee to Central Ukraine. They now partner with Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary in Kyiv where Josh teaches English to students preparing to serve in ministry across the former Soviet world and beyond.

Pray that the Ukrainian church would increase its vision for world missions and answer the call to leave home and share the Gospel to the unreached peoples of the former USSR. Pray also for the Church’s response to the ongoing war as it ministers to refugees and soldiers and citizens in the war zone though counseling and chaplaincy ministries.

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