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4000-095-Campbell, Charles and Sherry

Training Christian leaders at the Evangelical Theological Institute of Senegal (ITES).

The church in Senegal is slowly growing. Although only 1% of the population is evangelical Christian, Senegalese Christians thirst to know God better and know his Word. Charley & Sherry Campbell help Christians grow through their ministry at The Evangelical Theological Institute of Senegal (ITES.) Pray for strength and encouragement and that the Spirit would teach students and their teachers deep spiritual truths that can be put into application in daily life.

Charley teaches Old Testament courses on the undergraduate level, where students can earn a degree in theology after three years. Charley also helps by planning with three Senegalese pastor partners three weeks of theological training in two locations each year for rural pastors and laypeople who cannot come to ITES residential program. This ministry is called Timothy Training (See Senegal Special Project 962 Rural Pastor Training) and is geared for those who do not have a high school education but who are active in ministry as leaders.

Pastor Pierre Faye reports that, after his training, he now baptizes 20 people a year, and he has 10 church members who have gone through the Timothy Training who lead outreach cell groups near their church. This is very encouraging because most works here are slow and seemingly take years for the Spirit to produce fruit.

Although Sherry’s main ministry is in the home, she has helped the ITES ministry by entering new books in the school’s library computer system. Sherry also leads the Praying Parents ministry at Dakar Academy.

Erica, 22, is a senior at Cedarville University in Ohio, and Brian, 18, is a freshman at Cedarville University. The Campbells travel back to Bethel Bible Institute in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) when they can to teach modules and encourage their former ministry partners there. Charley continues to order good theological books for both schools.

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