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4000-121-Columbine, Bo and Michele

Bo and Michele serve Senegalese families needing assistance in discovering ways to provide for their basic needs. Since 92 percent of the Senegalese follow Islam, much of the Senegalese identity comes from being Muslim.

Bo and Michele Columbine minister to African families in predominately Muslim Senegal. Bo, who is a mechanic, welder and machinist serves men through teaching them these vocational skills. Michele ministers to the wives and children so they can reach whole families for God’s glory.

Michele accepted the Lord in 1993, after her brothers had shared the gospel with her many times. In 1996 she felt the call to dedicate her life to missions. To prepare for missions, she studied at Word of Life Bible Institute to learn more about God’s Word.

Bo accepted the Lord as a teenager after reading a Bible his parents bought him. He had been wondering and questioning where he would go if he died. As he read about the Philippian Jailer in the book of Acts, he came to the point of accepting Jesus as his Savior. In 1994, Bo felt the call to full-time ministry, not knowing what the Lord had planned. In 1997, he too enrolled at Word of Life Bible Institute, where he met Michele. In March 2000, they were married.

At Word of Life, Bo and Michele had many hands-on experiences in different types of ministry. Michele went on a short-term missions trip to South America, worked at a camp for disabled children and adults, participated in open-air evangelism and caught a vision for discipleship. Bo participated in a prison ministry and also had an opportunity to use his mechanical skills for God’s glory.

Currently, Bo and Michele are serving their local church as a deacon and deaconess, caring for the needs of those in their church. Bo and Michele want to glorify God in their marriage and family, and have proper balance between ministry/work and family. Pray for them as they discover the support team God has for them.

Senegal, Africa