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4000-132-CJ & Mary Mihalko

Incarnational Work Among Refugees, Immigrants, and other Displaced Peoples

There are thousands of people who have immigrated to our region from very difficult places in the world. Many of these “outsiders” have never heard the good news of Jesus although their culture is steeped in religion. When they arrive, they are often ostracized by the locals because of their religion, country of origin or because they are stereotyped as extremists. We desire to show them the love of Jesus and set an example for the Church to follow in being the hands and feet of Jesus to their new neighbors.

These “newcomers”, some refugees and others immigrants, have left countries that did not allow anyone to share about Jesus openly. When they arrive in country, for the first time in their lives they can legally hear the story of Jesus and decide to follow Him without facing legal ramifications. However they are often avoided by the very people who are called to share this message of hope with them. Thus, they end up living in a country with many “Christians” yet never see the person of Jesus being represented.

We want to change that.

Although we come from different backgrounds, we have both been deeply impacted by the love and grace of God in our lives. Having been loved so deeply by the Lord and having received so much from Him, we desire to pour out this same love on those who have never experienced it. Having been “forgiven much”, we desire to live in such a way that our lives are a whole hearted “yes” to whatever the Lord calls us.

Jesus is calling us into a new paradigm of faith. Having been motivated by gratitude for His forgiveness, we have been empowered to seek to follow Him. Now, He is calling us to be motivated by His love for us, which gives us the security that we need to imitate Jesus radical life of sacrifice. Jesus, after being baptized and hearing the LORD say “this is my believed son with whom I am well pleased” was able to face 40 days in the wilderness fasting and being temped. Hearing His voice declare that He was loved and accepted drove Him to radical obedience.

In the same way, as the Lord convinces us that He truly does love us, we are being brought to a greater place of security in Him so that we can imitate the radical life of Jesus, knowing that we do not have to watch out for ourselves since God himself is watching out for us.

Please pray with us that the Lord would connect us with whole communities of these people whom He is calling to Himself.

Pray that the local Church will embrace both their calling and the opportunity to minister to these people.

Ask the Lord to call many people to join us in this work through committed ongoing prayer and giving.

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