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4000-136-Dahl, Jim and Janice

Serving in the Netherlands at Tyndale Theological Seminary. It is a challenge helping the students distinguish cultural differences that influence interpretations of biblical truth. Pray that these students will be better prepared to return to their countries and offer the hope of Christ to a needy world!

About us:
Serving with God is an adventure! We feel that although we have had the privilege of working with God, He is at the same time always busy preparing us for the next step in the journey.

We have had the opportunity to spend 12 years in Romania. Jim was mostly involved teaching in various venues. He taught at a church-based Bible College in Sibiu, a University program in Bucharest, a Master’s degree program in Ukraine, and in many village churches. During these years we were raising our girls; therefore, many of the ministries in which Janice was involved provided a way to help them learn to serve. Mainly, we partnered with Romanians attempting to plant churches in a couple of villages and provided English classes for children.

The years that we lived and taught in Romania have molded us for a change of location in God’s call. In May 2012, Jim was asked to become an Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies and Practical Ministries at Tyndale Theological Seminary near Amsterdam. In 2015 he also took on the role of Vice President of Academic Affairs. Janice was also asked to work with the Senior Administrators as an executive assistant and to help with the finance department.

Tyndale Theological Seminary is an interdenominational, evangelical seminary which prepares students for ministries as pastors, teachers, missionaries, church planters, and denominational leaders around the world. The seminary is a graduate, professional school offering accredited Master’s programs in the English language. Tyndale stands as a witness for Christ in multi-cultural Europe, equipping leaders to reach Europe and the world with the gospel. Over 75 countries are represented in the alumni of Tyndale, most coming from Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Frederick Buechner once wrote, “The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” We are excited to say that we truly believe that God’s direction in our lives is exactly this place. Our desire has always been to provide good theological training for people who don’t have ready access to such a thing. Tyndale provides the perfect place to fulfill this desire.

We asked several students what they thought about the education they received at Tyndale, and we received similar answers: “I appreciate the depth of teaching that is practical to my daily life.” “I see how much the multi-cultural setting allows me to think beyond my little box in reference to God and His people.”

What a privilege we have to interact and influence these students for Christ, so that they can return to their countries and be leaders who show their worlds who Jesus is through their words and their lives. It is a great joy to serve the Lord doing what we love doing!

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