4000-162-Flaa, Eric

My journey with WorldVenture began after I finished college. Like many new graduates, I didn’t really know what was next for me. God used WorldVenture to give me the space to explore what that “next thing” would be. I was appointed as a mid-term missionary and spent one year serving in Rwanda at the New Creations Ministry school. I became an English teacher for that year and I fell in love with Rwanda and the work WorldVenture is doing there. In spite of that, I felt God leading me away from Rwanda.

God was leading me to the next step in His plan. While I was in Rwanda, I had a number of times with God where I felt challenged about using my gifts fully. It culminated during a quiet time in the morning where I felt God asking me, “What are you doing to build my Kingdom?” At the time, I honestly felt that I did not have the skills that I needed to do what was on my heart.

As my time in Rwanda was ending, I began to search for further education opportunities in my area of interest, mental health. I came across a counseling program at Denver Seminary that seemed to fit. So, six months after my return to the States, I packed up a small car and moved to Denver on my 25th birthday.

During my time in Denver, God gave me a desire to serve those who didn’t have a voice of their own and I began to work with the homeless population in Denver. After graduation, I used my newfound clinical skill working with homeless families, focusing on dealing with trauma and working to rebuild healthy families. As the years went by, I once again began to feel that a period of my life was closing and that God was preparing me for another step of faith.

That step of faith was to return to Rwanda. I had never forgotten my time there and I felt God calling me back, to use the skills that I had developed to build His Kingdom. My friends in Rwanda have told me that the church still has wounds that need healing. I believe my ministry will be to partner with the Rwandan church, learning from them as they show me the specific needs of the church.

I am now nearly three years into my first term in Rwanda. The challenges have been beyond what I expected, as I now have responsibilities beyond just counseling. I am now a teacher and administrator at New Creation Ministries as well as a counselor. Despite the challenges, I love what I get to do. My role is to help the church of Rwanda function as the body of Christ in many different areas. I have the opportunity to make disciples no matter where I function within New Creation Ministries. I do not know what will await me in the next several years, but I am excited to be where God has placed me, building partnerships and disciples of Christ.

Pray that God would grant me wisdom as I take on more leadership responsibilities in 2018. Pray for times of refreshment and rest in the midst of becoming a leader.

Rwanda, Africa