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4000-167-Horn, Beth

After my very first mission trip, I returned with a desire to serve God overseas. I attended Dallas Theological Seminary to be trained, and it was during that time I realized God was leading me to work with children and the unloved of society.

While applying to WorldVenture a few years later, the refugee crisis in Europe came to the forefront of American media. As I learned more about the refugees’ experiences, I had compassion on them. These are people who have endured extreme hardship to escape war, oppression, and persecution. Their goal has been safety and survival, and now they hope to plant roots and flourish in a new land. They are people walking out of darkness looking for the light. I knew God was leading me to serve in some way.

I am beyond blessed to serve refugee children and their families at a community center in Austria. The community center welcomes refugees in dignity by fulfilling their basic needs and helping them integrate into Austrian society. It is run by a team of people from around the world who are compelled to demonstrate the love of God in word and deed. My desire is for every child to know and feel that they are safe and loved so that they may be transformed into full images of God through Jesus Christ. Whether it is playing at the park, visiting kids at home, or ministry programming, I utilize my training and experience with children and trauma healing to that end.

You can be involved in the work God is doing among refugees in Austria by praying for the following:
• The refugees would find true rest, peace, and healing in Christ.
• Every child would know and feel they are unconditionally loved.
• The refugees would be able to overcome barriers in order to integrate into society.
• Those who work with refugees would be strengthened and encouraged.

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