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In order to show God’s love, I will be using my passion for education and gift for teaching to come alongside refugee children and their families whether it is through homework help, a mommy and me preschool, home visits, or developing literacy.

The people I will serve have endured much hardship to escape war, oppression, and persecution. Their goal has been safety and survival, and now they hope to plant roots and someday flourish. The major challenges I foresee are walking with people going through the after-effects of suffering and helping the family units grow and adjust together.

Please pray with me for the refugees and that they would find the true rest that only comes from Christ. Pray for those who work with refugees that they would be strengthened and encouraged.

About me:
Born and raised in Indiana, I did not grow up in a Christian family. I met Jesus as a college freshman at Purdue University and have been following Him ever since. In 2005, I felt led by God toward the mission field. I spent two months in Japan on a mission trip and returned with a desire to serve Him overseas. I then enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary the following year in order to be trained in the Bible, theology, and cross-cultural ministry. My time at DTS was a blessing not only in how I learned more about Jesus and what it meant to live for Him but also as I learned more about myself, who God created me to be, and the passions, gifts, and talents He had given me. I graduated in 2011 with emphasis in cross-cultural and children’s ministry. Since then, I have worked with children in various environments, interned with an anti-human trafficking organization, and served some of the “least of these.”

As the next step in my missions journey, I joined WorldVenture in 2015. Through a long process of prayer and discovery, God led me to working with refugee children and their families in Austria. I arrived in Austria in 2017, and since then I have been immersed in language and culture learning and trusting God through unique circumstances. I maintain that chocolate and peanut butter are the best flavor combination ever.

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