4000-175-Baldwin, Erik and Julia

We will be responsible for the administration and maintenance duties of a national and missionary conference/retreat center in Senegal. We will ensure the center is prepared and available for Christian leadership modules, evangelism camps, and community trainings, while seeking to develop this facility to its highest potential for reaching the Senegalese people for Jesus Christ. Senegalese people are loyal, insightful and outgoing. There are over 20 different ethnic groups in Senegal, the Wolof people being the most dominant. In this country of 13.6 million people, 5% of the population is Christian, 1% have indigenous beliefs, and 95% are Muslim.

Pray for God’s timing for transitioning from our current commitments to a new ministry to Senegal. God using us and conference/retreat center to reach and train Senegalese national Christians to touch their world for Christ.

About us:
We, Erik & Julia, are profoundly excited to be appointed as WorldVenture missionaries to Ngaparou, Senegal. We will be managing and maintaining a retreat/camp facility used by Senegalese churches for evangelism, trainings, and outreach for all ages. We look forward to establishing a long-term WorldVenture presence in the Ngaparou area by also pursuing additional ministry opportunities while building relationships with our Senegalese neighbors and sharing the love of Jesus with them.

Growing up in Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa as an MK (missionary kid), Erik early in life developed a heart for the African people. Following his family’s return to the United States, Erik’s past experiences with local national people, their way of life, cuisine, and environment, continued to cultivate a desire to someday return to Africa. His heart for the African people deepened during college through a short term evangelism trip to Liberia, and following graduation, through an 8 month term with WorldVenture in the Central African Republic serving as the Information Technology Manager for a national seminary.

Julia’s childhood began in Gallup, New Mexico, a small town surrounded by the Navajo reservation. These years nurtured a natural interest and appreciation for people of other cultures. While in high school, her family moved to the Redding area of California to be closer to family. Julia’s heart and ministry for others continued to grow as she completed her nursing degree and participated in brief college trips to Mexico and New Orleans. Following graduation, Julia participated in Mission Year, an 11 month community development program in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our friendship developed while we both were attending Point Loma Nazarene University. However, it was not until we each moved closer to our families in California that we began dating, becoming happily married in 2011. In January of 2013, Erik felt led to leave his secular position of employment and seek God’s bigger purpose for his life. During a prayer and fasting vigil at church a short while later, he received a vision of God’s hand pointing, and he heard the word Africa. ”Unsure exactly what following this command would entail, we began praying about and searching for ministry opportunities. God led Erik to the retreat/camp center manager position in Senegal with WorldVenture, and he excitedly shared it with Julia. After further prayer and fasting together, the Lord made it clear to us that this was what He had in store for our lives!

On April 15th, 2014, we welcomed our first child, Madeleine JoAnn, into the world! We are excited to see what ministry opportunities the Lord has planned for Madeleine in Senegal too!

Senegal, Africa