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4000-190-Eyestone, Joel and Betsy

Having served in the Philippines from 1988 to 2021, we wrapped up our ministries in the Philippines in August 2021 and moved “home” to Washington State. We are now serving the Philippines WorldVenture team and doing ministries in Washington. Our ministry plan has four parts, and all but one are largely continuations of what we were doing in Manila for the last few years.

One – Mobilizing God’s people to be on mission with him. We use classes and workshops to educate, inspire, and get God’s people involved in what he has called them to be and do. We believe that every follower of Jesus has a part to play in sharing the blessings of God’s love and transforming power with those who do not yet know him, whether that is across the street or across the ocean.

Two – Sharing the gospel with those who do not know him. We serve at a weekly free medical clinic, as “resource specialists”, where we offer information about other services in the community. Then we talk about the importance of spiritual health. We often share the way of salvation, and always pray with our patients. Most of the patients are immigrants who speak little or no English, so we often work through interpreters.

Three – Joel is still serving as the Philippine Field Treasurer and member of the Philippine Field Leadership Team.

Four – The new part of our ministry is serving our parents who need a helping hand with daily life. They have sacrificed and served us for all these years, and now it is our turn to bless them as they lose strength and ability to keep up with things.

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