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4000-192-Wohlgemut, Josh and Christy

Josh and Christy have recently completed a 4-year term in a mission hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa. In a country where nearly half the population lives below the poverty line and there is one doctor for every 5,000 people, it’s not surprising that medical care is a giant need. By striving to provide compassionate and affordable healthcare, those who come through the gates seeking physical healing find healing for their souls as well. Around 80 people accept Christ as their Savior, and thousands more are introduced to the love of Jesus each year.

As an RN, Christy enjoys caring for, and interacting with, the mothers and premature infants who spend time in the NICU. She can help with administrative tasks and bedside education for hospitalized patients. Two mornings a week, she travels to a rural clinic to help train the staff there and give a hand with wound care and other interventions.

Josh, with his ability and training in the mechanical, electrical, and information fields, spends his time training young men to further their skills. He helped run the technical services department for the hospital while he promoted preventative maintenance and met urgent needs during water and electricity outages. He works on outside projects for local missionaries, supporting their calling in church planting and translation. One of the most exciting avenues of service has been leading a translation team to produce an audio Bible in their newly alphabetized language. This has been key to opening doors to the Gospel in a people group that is limited by illiteracy.

Building relationships in the local church and community is essential and takes place one conversation, one visit at a time. God has placed many opportunities in the Wohlgemuts’ path to meet this goal. Teaching young people English, being on a communication team at church, giving rides at weddings, and baking cakes are a few of the ways that they interact with and love others.

There is no shortage of spiritual encounters to be had in this region of the world that has seen its fair share of instability and hurt. Please pray with their family for courage and strength as the ministry never stops. Please pray that their three boys would be increasingly aware of God’s presence in their lives and that they would have strong friendships.

Cote d'Ivoire, Africa