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4000-211-Jeff and Meredith

Our ministry vision is to see the Gospel flourish in Albania and take root among the Albanians in Macedonia. In order to pursue this vision, we are engaged in two distinct, but related ministries: 1) discipleship and evangelism in and through the local church in Albania, and 2) holistic discipleship in the marketplace in both Albania and Macedonia through a Christian development organization in the region.

Our local church ministry
We are investing ourselves in a local church in Tirana, the capital of Albania. This church was planted in 2015 and currently has about 25 members. We support the head pastor in whatever way is most helpful. This includes occasional preaching, individual and group discipleship, and helping organize community outreaches. This church has become like family to us and God’s work through this body of believers has been a source of real encouragement.

Our marketplace ministry
At the end of 2018, we opened the Albania office of a Christian development organization whose mission is to advance economic, healthcare, and community development in the Balkans. Our vision is to see the church in the Balkans impacting all segments of society through disciples living out an integrated faith. Partnering with this development organizations allows us to leverage our professional skill sets to uniquely access segments of society that the local church in Albania is not adequately reaching. This fits in perfectly with our conviction that the whole church ought to be reaching the whole world. Perhaps the most exciting and intriguing aspect of expanding this development organization to Albania is this organization’s tie to Macedonia and its strategic vision to leverage its cross-border development capabilities for the sake of the Gospel among Albanian-speaking Macedonians. Our desire is to be actively involved in the work of seeing the Gospel take root among the Albanians living in Macedonia.

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