4000-223-Hoad, Ty and Heather

Our primary ministry is serving Christ by assisting WorldVenture’s business-as-mission initiatives in Mozambique; helping with business development and discipleship of employees while encouraging those who want to start businesses to do so, encouraging these entrepreneurs to build their businesses with a heart towards Kingdom significance and lasting impact to the Glory of God. Our goal is to help each business-owner enter into a personal relationship with Jesus that burdens their heart for their fellow Makua-Nahara. Long-term, we want followers of Jesus to embrace the Great Commission for themselves – building a community of worshiping believers of Jehovah God! The whole family hopes to host a weekly kids’ club while modeling a life in community with Jesus.

Our biggest challenges are spiritual attack on our ministry, home, our family and the Makua as Satan tries to retain his stronghold of darkness over the precious souls of the Makua people. We are challenged to be mindful of the presence of evil and being spiritually aware of our surroundings continually.

We pray for legions of angelic protection over our home, our children, and our very lives as we live along-side the Makua people. We pray that the Holy Spirit would prepare the hearts and minds of the Makua people we will engage. We pray the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ would penetrate their hearts, indwell their dreams with visions of Jesus, and make them to question their world-view in light of the power of Jehovah God.

About us:
Ty and Heather first met at First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California where we have served in global and local missions; homeless & justice ministry; stewardship ministry; and the church’s children’s ministry. The Hoad family has always been “missions minded” in our approach to our neighborhood and community wherever we have lived, but feel particularly called to discipling the Makua people group of Mozambique Island, and helping entrepreneurs develop businesses that bring glory to Christ Jesus. For 10 years, Ty was the Internet Marketing Ninja for a battery company in Corona, CA. Prior to that, he served as a Buyer/Import Coordinator for a grocery wholesaler in Los Angeles for 7 years, sourcing product from all over the world for distribution in the USA, utilizing his extensive background in the Restaurant, Food-Service and Hospitality Industry.

Heather has a professional background in Bookkeeping and Administration, and is currently Superintendent of the greatest home-school ever, also juggling responsibilities as the C.O.O. of Sately Hoad Manor Mozambique.

We are from Fullerton, CA and have 4 kids; Nate, Isaac, Samuel, and Olivia.

Mozambique, Africa