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4000-230-Pearce, Laura

I am serving in Kigali, Rwanda with New Creation Ministries, a nonprofit that provides training and resources for Rwandan pastors and leaders. I support the school’s staff and teachers by taking care of behind the scenes administrative details and freeing them to focus on their areas of gifting. I also help with long term strategic planning and with developing administrative systems that can scale as the training center grows.

Close to 90% of Rwandan pastors have less than a 6th grade education. NCM is uniquely positioned to serve these pastors by providing training in Kinyarwanda that emphasizes the basics… What is the Gospel? How does a relationship with God change us and the way we interact with others? What does it look like to function as part of the body of Christ? Discipling and equipping leaders has an exponential impact for the Kingdom, leading to churches and communities transformed by the Gospel.

One of my biggest challenges is learning Kinyarwanda, the language spoken by the majority of Rwandans. I am also developing a new role within an existing team, which requires us all to have a lot of wisdom and patience.

Please pray that the Rwandan Church would experience the freedom found in the Gospel and would walk in the truth of Scripture. Pray that I would exhibit grace, perseverance and teachability as I adapt to the Rwandan culture. Pray that I would have wisdom as I work towards efficiency in a cultural context that values relationship highly.

About me:
I was born in Texas, lived as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea, went to college in Tennessee and now am based out of Minnesota. So the question “Where are you from?” is always hard to answer. Over the years, I have had many ministry opportunities, including playing percussion on my church’s worship team and volunteering as the assistant director of a camp for kids in foster care. Still, through all of these seasons, my consistent passion has been for missions.

From a young age, my parents helped me understand God’s desire that all peoples of the earth would know, love and worship Him. They also taught me that God calls each of us to partner with Him in this great mission. Serving the Rwandan church is the current chapter in my life-long pursuit of the day when every nation, tribe, people and language will stand before the Lamb.

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I have been serving at New Creation Ministries in Rwanda since 2017. I have served as the WorldVenture Rwanda field leader since 2020. I am an MK (Papua New Guinea) and a musician (percussion and guitar). I love reading, music, and dinner / game night with friends.
Rwanda, Africa