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4000-243-Lacey, Shereen

Hello! We are from the USA where we have raised our four children. He worked as a registered pharmacist and she taught and homeschooled our children through high school. God led our family to serve in a cross-cultural ministry for 11 years in the USA. Then in 2014 through trips to Africa, Europe, and Asia, the Lord showed us that He has called us to Asia to be a light in the darkness. God has showed us how our experiences, our gifting, passion, and education, could be used for His glory in another context. We want to think those that have been a support to us on our journey.

We will be using a creative access to build relationships with the Muslim people in our area through a coffee cafe. Through our contacts in a Cafe our hope is to be invited to a village where we will use disciple-making movement (DMM) principles and Discovery Bible Studies (DBSs) to disciple people to faith and help them form into local communities of believers, house churches. Our prayer is that as we strive to Glorify God each and every day, He would use us to plant seeds of the gospel among the UPGs and would cause it to grow and produce fruit.

Asia, Global