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4000-246-Hansen, Hal and Terrie

We serve alongside local churches in Northern Uganda in a supportive role through discipleship and economic development of tradesmen and communities, helping with strategic planning and outreach with pastors. Our ministry includes administration of pastoral education and providing fresh water to communities through installation of shallow wells.

Major challenges:
– General lack of education in Northern Uganda affects the community, congregation and Christian leaders. The basics of being able to read and study God’s word bring great challenges to move toward spiritual growth and maturity.
– A combined lack of capital and lack of understanding how to use it; lack of financial opportunities to provide for family and people in need.
– Great pressure and temptation to compromise financially and morally.
– The cultural difficulty of being honest with self and with others hinders discipleship.
– The cultural idea of pursuit of the “big man” as opposed to the servant leader.

– That we commit our time and energy with people of integrity
– That we love and serve well
– Pray for church leaders as they balance work, family and ministry
– That we would remember to remain dependent on Christ to do His work in us and through us to further His Kingdom

About us:
We have “launched” three adult children and are now excited to use our 30 years of business and family experience to minister alongside the church in Northern Uganda. Our experience is in professional geology and finances/administration. We have a passion for discipleship – to walk together with people who are learning to balance ministry, family responsibilities and work, seeing the reality of genuine growth and maturity in their relationship with Christ Jesus.

Uganda, Africa