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Leon and Cheryl Hill live and work in Ryugasaki New Town, a bedroom community of business professionals and their families located northeast of Tokyo. During their third term in Japan, the Hills partnered with Pastor and Mrs. Masahiro Okita and Midorino Chapel in organizing evangelistic outreach, discipling believers, and establishing and strengthening a newly planted church in Ryugasaki New Town.

Leon preached in the new church and discipled several persons attending its services. The opportunity to disciple Pastor Okita’s son, Yoshia, was for Leon a personal highlight.

Cheryl assumed primary responsibility for structuring a home-based rehabilitation program for their son Jeffrey and for homeschooling their daughter Abigail. Many of the Japanese who came into their home to help with Jeffrey’s rehabilitation program were confronted with Jesus as a result.

During the past term, the Hills invited many young people to stay in their home. Some were Americans, some Japanese. Some were Christians, some non-Christians. Some came for two weeks; others stayed for four months. Some came to share the load, others to learn English. But all who came, came to keep an appointment with God, and left with their lives changed. And some who came entered God’s family.

The Hills see their ministry as a family venture, impacting people for Jesus, one soul at a time. Although highly literate and highly industrialized, only about one percent of all Japanese are Christians.

The challenges are:
1. To break through Japan’s eclectic ideology and show that Jesus is the only way to eternal life.
2. To reach many with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pray that the Japanese people will see Jesus as the only bridge to God and that whole families will be won to Jesus!

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