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4000-262-Harrison, David and Ruth

My name is Ruth Harrison. My life has been filled with many unexpected twists and turns, and I’ve been blessed with very wide connections. I married a Canadian and we expected to move to Alberta after Dave completed his MA degree in Oregon. Instead, we joined CBFMS and moved to Hong Kong in 1970. We were a team involved in education, church planting and missionary training. Some medical issues resulted in new locations and ministries. After Hong Kong, we served in Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and China. Dave’s heart attack in Shanghai in 2006 changed our plans to move back to Singapore, and we retired in 2007. After Dave’s passing in 2017, I became involved in prison ministries and a cartoon book of the life of Jesus.

“Your Immanuel book has been well received and welcomed by the population. The cover is very appealing and everyone who sees it is captivated. I am now receiving requests from people specifically asking that ‘Immanuel’ be sent to them on the units. The books have a colorful appeal and are unintimidating to those who are under duress. It seems Mr. Chong’s past also has an attraction to the men who come from a broken home. This is a fitting resource for those who are trying to put their lives in order.

Mr. Chong’s pictorial rendition of Jesus’ ministry provides an engaging encounter with the living Lord who offers real life in his person and extends the words of life for those who will follow him.” – Chaplain Shawn Carnahan

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