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4000-264-Lintang, Deborah

I work with a local church in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I help them with Bible studies, outreach, summer camps, and church recreational activities. We hope to spread confidence and freedom in the Lord, to make disciples, and to raise up Taiwanese Christians to be strong leaders, so that they can go out and make disciples of others.

I am a Chinese American expatriate, who considers Taiwan home. My family is Christian and I am a pastor€’s kid. I have a love of words and literature, which is why I majored in English at the University of Michigan (bachelors) and New York University (masters). I spent some time in Asia as an English teacher before deciding to go to seminary and become a full-time missionary. In 2016, I graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theology & Arts.

I accepted the call to work with emerging adults (ages 16-29) in Taiwan. These young people are at an age where they are curious, open, and making big decisions about the future. A lot of them may be the first Christian in their family and struggle with filial piety.

Few missionaries are sent to Taiwan, even though the island is only 4% Christian. Many of these Christians actually mix Christianity with Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Chinese folk religions. Ancestor worship, fortune telling, and corporate idol worship in the workplace are challenges that interfere with the Gospel in Taiwan. Taiwanese are fearful of committing fully to Christ because of social and family expectations.

Please pray for a spirit of boldness and liberation to fill Taiwanese Christians. Also, pray for leaders and disciplers to step up and invest in Taiwanese students. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few!

Taiwan, Asia