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4000-282-Bell, Trevor and Rebeca

West Africa is home to a colorful array of diverse people groups rich in tradition that goes back many generations, long before they were colonized by Europeans. Today there is still a blend of old and new, African and European, AM radios and smartphones, dirt roads and flat screen TVs. Farmers abound, continuing to depend on God’s provision of sun and rain, while crowded markets are bustling with a mixture of local produce and electronic goods imported from around the world. Mosques broadcasts calls around the clock and local churches can go on singing and dancing in worship for hours on end.

It’s to this land that our family has been called to live and serve. We are primary care doctors who use community health medicine to compassionately provide quality care and demonstrate the love of Christ among peoples unreached by the gospel. Through outpatient visits in an urban setting, home visits, educating and advocating, along with occasional village outreaches, we seek to build relationships and share life changing good news.

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