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4000-287-Luebben, Clifford and Jennifer

Partnering with Filipino believers to plant churches amongst the unchurched communities of the Visayas

About Us
Clifford and I come from very different backgrounds, yet in the following ways are similar: We both began following Jesus Christ at young ages and both began to realize God’s call to cross-cultural missions in high school.

We met our freshman year of college. We attended Trinity Lutheran College in Everett, Washington. He majored in music and worship, and I majored in intercultural studies. In the summer of 2011, Clifford and I were married. That following spring, we were expecting our first child (Galadriel). It was around this time we started looking at different mission organizations. While exploring different ministry options, WorldVenture was introduced to us. It wasn’t until the birth of our second child (Hezekiah) that WorldVenture was put on our hearts. Thus starting a journey that would not only grow us closer to God and the ministry He has put on our hearts, but grow us closer in our marriage as well. Since being accepted into WorldVenture, we have had another son (Zephaniah) and daughter (Aurora). This makes two girls and two boys, each two years apart from the next.

We are currently in the process of sharing our story and finding those who want to partner with us in our ministry towards the Philippines. The more we share our story, the more we see God working in our lives and those around us. It is encouraging to see people as excited about missions as we are. With four young kids, our days are full and our nights are short. Rest doesn’t come easy. We are going to great lengths to ensure we are developing as many healthy habits as possible before leaving for the Philippines. We have been learning a lot about each other and ourselves over the last several months. We believe God has us in this stage of life to prepare us for ministry in the Philippines.

Jennifer has been fighting some mental health issues (anxiety) while we are developing partners and tending to our other responsibilities.

Prayer Needs
Cliff – May we trust God’s timing in this process and obedience in following through with the opportunities he provides.
Jennifer – please pray for health. May she discover all that is making her feel ill so she may get well.

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