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4000-297-Kosse, Brandon and Kristi

Spiritual development and life training: investing in the lives of young Austrian couples & families, encouraging growth in Biblical understanding and intimacy with God.

I, Brandon, first felt God’s call on my life toward longterm missions during a junior high youth group trip to Mexico. This burden on my heart has been confirmed over the years through trips to the Czech Republic, Austria, England, and Kazakhstan. Pursuing this dream, I attended Moody Bible Institute and earned a Bachelors degree in Bible/Theology. Over the years I became an aircraft mechanic, later teaching at Liberty University. Life has had many curve-balls, but God has not let my fire for missions fade. I am so thrilled to now be given the opportunity to go and serve Him in Austria!

I, Kristi, daughter of a pastor and of missionaries, was raised in a ministry-focused home. At age sixteen, I joined my parents in taking the love of God to Austria and Eastern Europe. While I was serving through music ministry, teaching, and evangelism, God laid a desire on my heart to minister longterm cross-culturally. After studying at a Torchbearers Bible school and Moody Bible Institute, I joined Brandon in various missions opportunities. As a couple we have also sought to raise our children for God’s glory, preparing them to offer His truth and hope to the world. We are excited to serve in Austria as a family!

God has given us a passion for investing in the lives of young Austrian couples & families! Through the years, we have seen God work through us in mentorship and small group ministries, encouraging young men & women to grow in their spiritual understanding and intimacy with God. Our desire is to continue this work in Vienna, coming alongside church-planting efforts as well as existing churches.

Vienna, the capital city of Austria with a metro population of 2.6 million, needs the hope of Jesus. Though many Viennese have a cultural connection with the national Catholic church, less than 1% of Austrians actually have a saving relationship with Jesus. God is giving us the opportunity to take His light, hope, and peace to hearts that need His love!

Our prayer is that God will allow us to connect with couples and families, that our genuine love for them will be clear, and that they will be open to learning about God’s love and the full life He has made available to us all in Jesus.

Cultural and literal barriers — due to the high quality of living in Vienna, combined with their affiliation with the Catholic church, the Viennese are less open to the Gospel. Also, Austrians are by nature a very private people; even homes are often closed off by fences and gates. Opportunities to connect about matters of the heart are won by long-term efforts of building relationships and trust.

Ministry Update (October, 2020)

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