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4000-316-Brown, Bobby and Brianna

Hello, we are the Browns!

We were appointed by WorldVenture in September 2018 as global workers to Taiwan. In August 2019, we moved to Taichung, Taiwan and served there until January 2021. The Lord surprised us with an unexpected transition back to the Nashville, TN area in order to care for our family. After transitioning back to the states, we were re-deployed to the Americas field to serve in diaspora ministry focusing on refugee care in the greater Nashville area. Tennessee is home to nearly 60,000 refugees, and Nashville is a beautifully diverse city.

We desire to walk alongside these families who are leaving dangerous and traumatic situations to live safely here in the United States. Our mission is to help the nations experience the love of God through holistic care. We seek to do this in three main ways.

The first is by helping resettle displaced families by providing furniture and other necessities in their early days after arrival. This can mean driving around in a van delivering furniture, providing transportation, teaching cultural orientation classes or even taking a family to a park.

The second focus we have is providing spiritual companionship. This can take on a number of forms – dialogue between faiths, discipling existing believers, or simply being a safe friendship.

Lastly, we are always seeking to build meaningful relationships with diaspora peoples from all over the globe. As diaspora ministry includes anyone who has immigrated to America, we have never discontinued our Chinese learning and relationship building. We still connect regularly with relationships that continue to grow in Taiwan and are working to get connected with local mandarin speakers in the community.

We are excited and humbled to serve in this way and would love for you to prayerfully consider partnering with us through prayer or financial support as we seek to minister to the nations who have become our neighbors.

How you can join us in prayer:
-For the many people we work with in the Nashville area…that they experience the love of Jesus
-That the Lord would give us fresh, creative ways to minister boldly using the gifts and resources He has given us
-That there would be an increasing awareness to the needs and stories of those who have been resettled or immigrated to the United States

Three Part Quarterly Focus Series:
1. How to Faithfully Walk Forward: The Brown Family Story
2. A Paraclete Conversation with the Browns (Available by Special Request)
3. How to Practically Help Refugees

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