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4000-319-Hansen, Antoinette

About Me:
I was born and raised in California and came to know the Lord at an early age. As a high-school student, God filled me with a love for his Word and his world, and a desire to see his beloved children from every culture worshipping the King of Kings and empowered to live the life God has called them to. Through short-terms mission trips over the years, God has given me a love for the country of Rwanda and a desire to be part of the story he is writing in this beautiful country. I recently completed my MA in Global studies with a focus in Ethnomusicology (music and culture), and believe that God has been equipping and preparing me for this ministry.

Why Rwanda?
In Rwanda, 80% of pastors have little to no biblical training. One of the results of this is that false religion and corrupt gospels are poisoning the church. The church is in desperate need of discipleship at all levels. Rwanda is at a historically critical moment. Being internationally recognized as the leading example of post-war development, ministries in Rwanda have a unique opportunity to prepare for the church in Rwanda leadership that will speak with a Christian voice toward the future of the church and the country. I will be teaching courses alongside a team of missionaries and nationals at New Creation Ministries (NCM), a nonprofit that is committed to deepening the spiritual depth of the church in Rwanda and preparing the leadership of the next generation through biblical education and discipleship.

As a musician, God has also given me a passion to empower and equip worship leaders in Rwanda through worship arts discipleship. Similar to pastors in Rwanda, many worship leaders do not have biblical training. I long to see worship leaders know the Word of God, be equipped and built up in their role as a church leader, and disciple the church through music that is biblically faithful and culturally meaningful. I plan to be working alongside worship leaders in Rwanda in addressing these needs.

Pray that God would strengthen the church in Rwanda through these ministries and that many lives would be transformed through the love of Christ!

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