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4000-325-Johns, Bob and Lidia

Serving in Uruguay. The general population of Uruguay is largely a mix of European backgrounds, mostly Spanish and Italian.

About us:
Bob became a Christian at a camp at the age of ten. He came to northwest Argentina in 1982, and worked in church development, seminary extension, and teaching in a seminary. Lidia accepted Christ at the age of 14 in her home through an American missionary. She met Bob in 1990 while they were working together in the same church, and the two were married in 1993.

The Johns were invited to help start a new ministry in Buenos Aires to reach the upper middle class. They accepted the challenge and worked in evangelism and discipleship from 1995 until 2002. In 2002, they were invited to help a church planting team in Uruguay and served with this project until 2006. Bob and Lidia began their present ministry of leadership development in December 2006.

God used Bob’s personal contact with missionaries as a child, mission conferences, and a short-term missions experience in Belize to lead him to the mission field. The Lord has also gifted Bob in teaching. While studying for a second career and working as a nurse, Lidia felt a strong desire to be better prepared to share her faith; she began to study at the seminary. There, the Lord confirmed her long-time desire to be involved in missions. Because of her background in nursing, the Lord gave Lidia gifts for pastoral care and compassion.

“Being a missionary allows one to be on the front lines of God’s global program and to get to know and work with some exceptional people,” say Bob and Lidia. To the Johns, the most exciting part of being a missionary is encouraging others towards effective ministry and seeing God create His Church through such a variety of gifted people.

Pray that the Lord would develop godly Uruguayan pastors and their wives, who love Him passionately and use His Word correctly.

Uruguay, Americas