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4000-329-Walton, Evans and Jeanette

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Ministry Summary:
We have been charged with three areas of ministry in Ghana: 1) Facilitate church leadership development and training, 2) Conduct small group discipleship and mentoring in the Upper East Region of Ghana 3) Coordinate various mercy ministries (water projects and justice) within the Navrongo communities

Our major challenges will be garnering support among national churches in Ghana and adjusting to living conditions in northern Ghana.

We are praying that the unreached will come to know Christ through this ministry. We are praying that God will use our gifts of discipleship and teaching to reach many with the truth of the gospel.

About Us:
Evans and Jeanette met in Ghana in 2013 when they were both on break from university. At the time Evans was home, on break from studying Theology in Kenya, and Jeanette was serving on an 8-week mission trip in Ghana. That summer, Jeanette sensed confirmation to pursue long-term missions in the northern part of Ghana; shortly after this, Evans and Jeanette began courting. After 3.5 years of courtship they were married and continue to pursue God’s leading by serving as missionaries in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Evans’ family is from the northern part of Ghana, where there is a high percentage of adherents to Islam. His mom is a widowed, single-mother who brought him and his siblings up in the knowledge of the Lord, after she converted to Christianity. Since becoming a Christian in his early teens, Evans has had a zeal for Christ and a desire to reach lost souls for the Kingdom of God.

Jeanette’s family is from North Carolina, and they brought her up in the knowledge of the Lord from a young age. After accepting Christ at the age of eleven, Jeanette had a passion for foreign missions. She followed the Lord’s leading throughout her early teens, and participated in domestic mission programs with her church. Upon graduating from high school and finishing her first year of university in 2013, she felt the Lord leading her to serve as an English teacher with WorldVenture Missionaries Lloyd and Jan Chinn in Ghana for 8-weeks which is where her calling was confirmed.

Both Evans and Jeanette have served for years with their respective local churches, and worked alongside foreign and campus missionaries. For four years Jeanette served on the worship team, as an officer, and as a bible study leader who discipled young women in the Word of God in her university campus ministry. While in college, Jeanette’s heart was stirred to study English, and Education, and to continue a passion she had for performance arts. In May 2016 she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in English and Communication in Performance Studies, and with a Minor in Education. While in school Jeanette completed her Capstone Education Research Project on complementary schooling programs in northern Ghana. She hopes to continue learning about how to increase educational access for children in northern Ghana so that more families can read and study the Word of God for themselves. She also desires to use her degree to draw lost souls to the gospel through education and performance.

Evans worked closely with foreign missionaries who had come to Ghana and who worked with his home church, Elim Christian Center. The church’s biblical teachings and active engagement with the community helped to shape his passion for missions and gave him the experience of reaching out to those of different cultures. With God’s direction and a desire to see lost souls saved, Evans was led to attend a two-year training program at Ghana Christian University, where he graduated in 2009. Thereafter, Evans interned with WorldVenture Ghana for one year, and this internship was where he was able to put his knowledge into practice. Under then WorldVenture Ghana missionaries Lloyd and Jan Chinn, he studied scripture, learned personal leadership skills and grew in character development, all of which was preparing him for future ministry. Evans says that, “the realization of God’s grace in my life, from being raised by a widowed single mother in a small village, to attending institutions of higher learning to teach others about the saving grace of Christ, has pushed me to give my all to Him; we are blessed, to be a blessing.” In August of 2015, Evans completed a Bachelor’s degree in theology from International Leadership University (ILU) in Nairobi,Kenya.

We deem it a blessing from God to learn from other people and other cultures. Realizing that no matter the differences we have on the surface, within all of us is the longing of liberation that can only be found in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We know that to whom much is given, much is expected. Once someone reached out to us, it is our passion to reach out to others. This could be done in different ways, but our joy is in reaching out to the unreached and to adherents of Islam in the northern part of Ghana, and helping to disciple peoples in partnership with churches in this area.

Our ultimate desire is to see lives transformed by Christ in Ghana, and within the continent of Africa. In addition, we want to spread the Gospel by helping to practically develop areas that are in desperate need of assistance.

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