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By Jeanette Walton

God is so amazing, and His plans are perfect. We have continued financially and physically supporting Brother Jacob as the Hope Community Church Campus minister.

However, Jacob has finally been posted as a nurse in Yagaba (a town in the Mamprugu district about two hours away from Navrongo). We are sad to see him go, but we are excited that he will be working in the Mamprusi land. The Mamprusi people are an unreached people group near our area. Members of HCC have been praying for this people group for 1.5 years. In God’s sovereignty, Jacob has “randomly” been placed there by the Government of Ghana as a community nurse!

We are looking forward to visiting Jacob and doing some strategic outreaches and evangelism in the area Jacob will be working.

Evans discipled Jacob for about three years. Jacob has some leaders he has discipled in the Campus Ministry at the Navrongo Nurses Training College, primarily Ebenezer. Ebenezer was one of the young people we baptized last October 2021.

Ebenezer has now assumed leadership responsibilities in the Campus ministry at the Nursing College. Ebenezer organizes Christian students from the Nursing College in collaboration with HCC to come to Korania Junior High School twice a week to do discipleship classes and share the Word of God at the school’s morning devotionals.

Before his leaving, Minister Jacob had been going to share the gospel at Adda Junior High School every week for the past seven months. During this time, the headmaster of the school, who previously described himself as a “nominal Christian,” repented and gave his life entirely to Christ. Jacob discipled this man, and the headmaster expressed much gratitude to the church and Jacob for helping to change his life around. Now, this headmaster has promised to continue sharing God’s Word with the students every week after Jacob leaves. Jacob observed a noticeable change in the teachers and students at the school since the headmaster gave his life to Christ. Please continue to pray for Adda School and Headmaster Eric.

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In the comments or on your social media, share a story of how God used you to transform someone you know. 

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