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What does Jessica do?
Jessica Corbett serves as a missionary in the Philippines. She is teaching English as an additional language at Faith Academy which is an International Christian school in the Philippines. The vision of Faith Academy is to see God’s kingdom, and the great commission advanced through transformative, Christ-centered education, especially for the children of missionaries and pastors serving in the Philippines and around South East Asia.

Where is Jessica’s ministry located?
Manila, Philippines

What impact does Jessica’s ministry have?
By serving as a missionary at Faith Academy, Jessica is able to support missionary families in China, Korea, and the Philippines along with others across SE Asia as they advance the gospel and fulfill the great commission. As a part of that, she is also actively discipling the middle school students she teaches.

What is the purpose of Jessica’s ministry?
Her purpose and goal is to make disciples, which is done in two ways:
1. By making disciples of her students.
2. By alleviating stress from the FA parents regarding their children’s education, so they can focus that energy on fulfilling the great commission in their own ministries in even greater ways.

How can you pray for Jessica?
• For the Lord to bring more people into her financial partner community so that she can return to the field.
• For the students of Faith Academy as they grow in wisdom and knowledge, while also building a strong foundation of faith.
• For more teachers to join the Faith Academy community

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Philippines, Asia