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4000-350-Karch, Rob and Martine

Our passion is to see a wave of gospel-centered disciples making disciples wash over St Jérôme, Québec, and the French-speaking world… seeing thousands of people reconciled to the God of the universe, lives transformed, marriages healed, families reconciled, neighborhoods shaken, and the DNA of countries fundamentally changed.

Rob was born in the birthplace of Grunge, Starbucks, and Microsoft (otherwise known as Seattle) and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I studied theology at Davis college, met Martine in Paris while in the midst of the birth of a new French church (over the course of two summers), married Martine, moved to Quebec, learned French, had two children.

It’s an immense privilege to be part of this growing French movement of people transformed by Jesus Christ. We’re seeing lives transformed and new churches started in several places in the Montreal region and around the Province of Quebec.

Martine was born and raised in the Montreal region, where she also finished a degree in fashion She now lives in the midst of her people, les québécois, as part of this amazing movement of lives transformed by Jesus Christ.

We have two children: Caleb & Constance

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