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4000-352-Koerlin, Eric & Kari

Creatively Engaging the Japanese for Christ

In 2019, we felt God calling us away from our careers in accounting and computer science; to serve with our kids in Tokyo, Japan where less than half of one percent of the population are evangelical Christians and the majority of people have never even heard the gospel. We arrived in April 2022, with a ministry focus for our first term of language learning and cultural acquisition. Even in this first term, we’ve had opportunities to support the field office with accounting and technical needs, provide technical consultation to church leaders, and begin building relationships with families at our kids’ Japanese school.

Our vision: investigate ways to use technology, interactive media, and building relationships to get the gospel into the hands of 125 million Japanese people who need to hear it.

The Japanese people are a beautiful, diligent, hard-working, and family-oriented people. We believe that if the gospel took root among a people as dedicated as the Japanese, the world would be forever changed. Can you imagine if they used their creativity and drive for perfection to share the gospel?

We’re excited to partner with our team of over 60 missionaries in Japan to investigate ways to break down barriers and share the gospel in ways that are culturally relevant and compelling to the Japanese people.

Japan, Asia