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4000-360-Partin, Melanie

God stirred my heart for unreached people groups during a Perspectives class. Now I feel that God is calling me into the mission field in Asia. My mission is to go to the Philippines for two years where I will be working alongside the organization, Reefs for Life to reach out to the local people with the love of Christ. They have a unique way of using coral reef conservation and restoration as their bridge for sharing the good news of the gospel. Reefs For Life perceived a need for coral reef restoration in the Philippines because so much was destroyed due to unsustainable fishing practices like dynamite fishing.

Reefs For Life go to nearby coastal communities to educate the people on coral reef conservation in their area, and in so doing, they have an open door to sharing the gospel with them. These communities are largely unreached. They also recruit Filipino college students who help Reefs for Life as part of their college education. Many of these students are not believers so it opens the door to share the love of Christ with them. The main focus will be on building relationships, sharing the gospel, and discipling the college students.

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Philippines, Asia