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4000-368-Kregness, Curt and Lalia

Serving with Vida Nova (New Life) publishers in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Kregnesses believe God has gifted them both in the area of written communications and their backgrounds. Further, their talents complement each other in bridging the language gap between English and Portuguese.

Curt decided to follow Jesus when he was 8 years old, through the ministry of a VBS teacher. Later in life, Curt was studying to be a print journalist when God showed him that his communication gifts could be used in Brazil. His passion is to teach God’s Word in the local church, seminary classroom and through the publication of relevant theological resources. He realized that God uses all kinds of people to do His Kingdom work, not just pastors, preachers and evangelists.

Lalia was raised a pastor’s kid in a small town in southeastern Brazil and accepted Jesus as Savior when she was 12 years old. She opened her heart to missions before she met Curt at the Portuguese language school for missionaries. At the national meetings of the Brazilian Baptist Convention, during the world missions program, she told God she would serve wherever He sent her.

The Kregnesses find the most rewarding aspect of mission work is seeing lives transformed through the power of the gospel. Curt and Lalia also feel excited for when the light of understanding goes on in a student’s head and they grasp a concept for the first time.

“We knew a young man who grew up in the small church we attended, but his family life was a mess. We helped him for 10 years and now God has called him to the ministry and he is the pastor of that same little neighborhood church,” they said with joy.

Pray that, in spite of the sticky details of translation and editing, the Kregnesses will never lose their passion for Jesus and the gospel.

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