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4000-426-McDonnel, Mark and Donna

“We are communicating the Word and compassion of Christ in the context of leadership training for the church and in serving those who struggle with traumatic personal issues. We work with students from countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, and with many individuals in Kyiv, Ukraine.”
About Us:

Mark and Donna McDonnel have been serving at the Kyiv Theological Seminary (KTS) in Kyiv, Ukraine, one of the most strategic training centers for Christian leaders in Eastern Europe. Mark trains evangelists, church planters, and pastors for a wide variety of ministries all over Ukraine and surrounding countries such as Kazhakstan, Belarus, and Armenia.
Donna is involved in a ministry of discipleship, evangelism, and informal counseling among women at their church and in a variety of other settings. Mark and Donna also served in their local church in the church’s ministry for families with special needs for a number of years.
Mark and Donna are both from Houston, Texas. Mark became a Christian at an early age as the son of a pastor. Donna became a Christian in college through the ministry of the Baptist Student Union. It was there at the University of Houston that Mark and Donna met and were married after graduation. Their strong desire to serve the Lord brought them together and led them into a variety of ministry opportunities from mission trips to church work, ministry in prisons, to ministry in homeless shelters, and just serving the local church in whatever way possible.
Through their time at Dallas Theological Seminary, they felt God leading them to serve in Ukraine in discipleship and leadership development. They joined WorldVenture in 1996 and moved to Kyiv in the summer of 1998.
If you’d like to pray, here’s what Mark and Donna have asked prayer for: “Please pray for our family, that we can be strong in our love for the Lord and for each other. Please pray for peace and restoration in Ukraine resulting from several years of war. Please pray for the seminary and other opportunities to train leaders for the church. Please pray for mercy and grace for those who have suffered trauma in various ways, whether from war or from difficult family situations.”

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