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4000-435-Macomber, Dave and Martha

Pastoral training and development in the Philippines. Filipino pastors may have some formal training but need personal refreshment and continuing education. The Macombers are also working with younger students in full-time training.

Both Dave and Martha grew up in Christian homes and were “preacher’s kids.” Both received Christ during their childhood and were educated in Christian colleges and seminaries. Dave pastored two U.S. churches for nine years before the family moved to the Philippines.

Briefly, Dave and Martha were called later in life to missions by the words of Jesus, “the harvest is great, but the laborers are few.”

They have discovered that a great reward for missionaries is the appreciation expressed by another culture for their willingness to serve among them. For Dave, the best part of his present ministry is to be able to serve directly in the local church, the heart of Christ’s activity in our world today. Martha’s reward is hearing from those families who have appreciated the benefit of all the services her ministry has provided for them.

Philippines, Asia