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4000-461-Lundquist, Elizabeth

I have been in Brazil serving in the Deaf community since early 2009. There are an estimated 10 million* deaf people in Brazil.

My ministry has included evangelism, disciple-making, and training of leaders, as well as being deeply involved in serving the Deaf community in practical ways of interpreting (for doctors’ appointments, court hearings, school meetings, job applications, interviews, and training, etc.). I have also mediated in family situations (lack of communication is a huge barrier) and advocated for the Deaf community in a myriad of settings.

God has recently opened the door for evangelism and discipleship resources to be made available online to the Deaf community in Brazilian sign language. This year we did a daily devotional video in sign language that was a tremendous help not only to the Deaf community, but also to churches serving the Deaf community. The videos have been accessed thousands of times and it is so encouraging to see how God is using this simple resource to bless the Deaf community in Brazil.

Deaf people are one of the largest unreached people groups in the world. This means that there are literally millions of deaf people around the globe that currently have no access to the gospel message. I long for Deaf people from every country in the world to know Jesus, to love Him, and to become Christ-followers. Pray with me for more people to go and share the gospel message with them in a clear and understandable manner. Pray for Deaf people to become Christ-followers and to obey His command to go and make disciples.

* This number comes from a government census and so covers a wide range of types and degrees of deafness.

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