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4000-496-McMillen, Noah and Tiffany

Japan is less than 1% Christian.

When we felt God calling us to missions and began to look into where we might serve, those words shocked us. How could a developed nation with no restrictions against missionaries have so few Christians? These thoughts along with encouragement from our mentors and lots of prayer set us on the path to committing to serve with WorldVenture in Japan for 1 year.

Now, having visited Japan and having seen so much amazing work that God is doing there, our hearts have grown even deeper for the Japanese people and God’s plan for them. Lord willing, we plan to move to the West Tokyo area to build relationships with Japanese people, do evangelism, and connect them to the local church under the guidance of WorldVenture missionaries, Greg and Asa Swenson. We can’t wait to be a part of what God is doing! Please join us in prayer for Japan and for God’s guidance for us as we prepare for the field.

Please pray for:
• God to continue to send more workers to His harvest field in Japan.
• More Japanese people to know who Jesus truly is and respond to the Gospel.
• God’s guidance and provision for us as we prepare to serve in Japan.
• God to be glorified in all we do.

Japan, Asia