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4000-528-Tanner, Paul & Megan

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We are passionate about advocating for the wellbeing of TCKs and equipping parents to understand, support, and prioritize their children on the mission field. In addition, Megan is passionate about improving outcomes for moms and babies in childbirth. Paul hopes to use his skills fixing/riding bikes, and welding as a tool for community outreach and discipleship.

About Us:

Paul grew up in a Christian home in a small town in Minnesota and came to know Christ at a young age. Over the years, God cultivated a heart for youth as he led small groups with his church’s youth ministry. He also worked as a residential counselor for teen boys in a treatment facility. Paul loves to mentor youth and teach practical life skills that he’s learned from his past job experiences.

Paul’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were all in the mission field and this heavily influenced Paul. He served on several impactful short-term trips and considered moving to Austria in 2020 to work with youth before God redirected his plans when he met Megan.

Megan grew up in Rwanda, Africa to WorldVenture missionaries (Gary & Barb Bennett). She saw firsthand what hearts surrendered to God’s calling looked like, and what obedience to the Lord entailed, as well as the incredible power of prayer. When her mom (Melanie) passed away from cancer in 2001, she felt the love and support of the missionary community as they rallied to help her dad take care of his two little girls. As an MK/TCK, that made all the difference in her experience, feeling valued and prioritized – something not every MK can say unfortunately. Many of her friends felt as though they had been set aside and forgotten by their organizations and/or their parents. Those relationships led her to become passionate about advocating for the children of missionaries and their need to be seen and cared for in a way that hadn’t always been prioritized. She is currently a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse, advocating for those who don’t have a voice, and watching miracles take place in tiny lives and their families. She’s excited to use those experiences and continue to grow and apply them cross-culturally.

We chose WorldVenture because we deeply value the emphasis they put on taking care of missionary families as this leads to more sustainability on the mission field. We are excited and expectant of what God is doing around the world.

TOGETHER with you, we are engaging the world for gospel impact.