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4000-593-Powley, Jane

Serving through evangelism in Senegal.

Jane Powley grew up in a Christian home and attended a church that gave her an early exposure to missions. Her first overseas experience was in Cote dâ Ivoire where she served for two years as a school secretary at the International Christian Academy with WorldVenture. In July 1984, WorldVenture appointed Jane as a career missionary. She served her first two terms in Senegal as an elementary school teacher at Dakar Academy, a Christian missionary children’s school.

Since 1996, Jane Powley has been serving through full-time evangelism outreach in Senegal, West Africa. For Jane, this meant the opening of a craft/literature shop, Le Cadeau Ultime, in a market area in the capital of Dakar. In 2001, a study center/library for high school and university students was added.

Over the years, Jane has used various outreach efforts such as English classes, Bible studies, Christian video nights and kid’s clubs to build relationships with the people of her community. As her fifth term of service drew to a close and after much prayer, Jane decided to close the Le Cadeau Ultime ministry and from 2009 to 2013 worked in Dalifort, a community on the outskirts of Dakar. In 2014 Jane moved to Thies, Senegal which is where the WorldVenture missionaries first began working back in the 1960’s. Jane not only attended the church that was eventually started in Thies, but she renovated and worked in the church library most of her seventh term. She also began a children’s library in her home which was opened two afternoons a week. Although it is a privilege to offer help to Senegalese students, the purpose of both libraries was to look for opportunities to share Christ.

Jane has to be aware of the many religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds that may hinder people’s understanding and acceptance of the gospel. Dakar hosts several ethnic groups (Wolof, Serere, Diola, etc.) from all over Senegal.

Pray for open doors to share the gospel and the best way to show love and concern for the personal needs of the peoples of Thies.

Senegal, Africa