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4000-650-Scofield, Tammy

My Primary Ministry Focus is working with missionary families in Europe with the education needs of their children.

Pray for wisdom in advising missionary families in their major decisions regarding their children!

About me:
“This is why I came to Europe,” said Tammy Scofield during the annual SHARE Education Services Family Retreat in Budapest, Hungary. Hanging out with missionary children, (MKs), teaching a speech unit and meeting their parents was an incredible gift for Tammy.

It has been a time of learning and meeting missionaries for Tammy. The question of “How can I best help the missionaries stay on the field?” is ever present. Finding the answer is not always easy or clear-cut.

SHARE is an organization whose mission is to offer sound educational advice to parents and help their children achieve success in learning. SHARE helps families clarify and achieve their educational goals for their children while raising them overseas. They help the parents by offering conferences and seminars, educational planning, resource and curriculum assistance, achievement testing, learning needs assessment, college planning, and family transition assistance. Tammy sees it as a privilege to be working with SHARE.

In an attempt to implement all of SHARE’s goals, Tammy is meeting families, learning about their lives and ministries and getting to know their children. She is researching curriculum, visiting different national schools and developing a program targeting teens and their unique needs.

Tammy has also had great fun helping WorldVenture fields during their field meetings by working with their children while the parents are in meetings. The kids always have more fun than their parents. Sometimes the parents want to play hooky and join the kids program!

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