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4000-681-Slater, Kirk and Laura

Kirk was born in Cote d’Ivoire to medical missionaries, and sensed a call to serve God in missions as a child, while Laura found her call after high school. We first came to Uganda in 1997 and spent 12 years in fruitful church planting and leadership development in a rural town. Our 4 sons were born and grew in those early years. We saw ministry grow as well through very difficult situations, and saw young leaders equipped to shepherd the church with skill and earnest faith.

In 2010 we entered urban ministry and began to see the growing crisis in both church and culture. Statistics indicate that approximately 85% of Ugandans identify as Christian, but the reality is that most of these are quite nominal at best and many have mixed traditional religion with Christianity, adopting heresies as they try to emulate what they see as successful. The result is a nation transfixed with the Prosperity “gospel”, which has seeped into nearly every church in one form or another. It can be estimated that perhaps only 5-7% of adults truly have a saving faith.

Uganda is a nation of youth. Nearly 77% of Ugandans are under the age of 25. Nearly 1/3 of girls become mothers before the age of 18. Promiscuity, alcoholism, and gambling are devastating the population, and corruption is part of the worldview, even in the church. While there are some truly outstanding examples of godly faith and living for these young people to follow, they are sadly few and far between. And so we ask the question: “How can we make a difference for Christ?”

Kirk trains and disciples pastors and lay leaders to meet this challenge with strong foundations and understanding of God’s Word, that those who follow will be less likely to fall prey to heresy and corruption. Kirk has also been involved in a small but growing missions movement within faithful Ugandan churches. How exciting to see the Ugandan church begin to see its own role in sending workers into the global mission field!

Laura has transitioned from being a homeschooling mom to a teacher in a Christian international school. She is developing their Special Needs program and works to bring the true Gospel to Ugandan and international students, who can share that Gospel as they return to their home countries. Laura has also been involved in training Ugandan teachers, both in teaching skills and in bringing the grace of Christ into their classrooms, opening the way to influence young people for Jesus.

Please pray for us in Uganda! Pray that church leaders can be equipped to remain faithful to the Truth and lead God’s people well. Pray that children will learn the Truth and grow up to resist the pull of easy heresy and be strong and effective for Christ. Pray that others will be raised to join us as we seek to be used by God for lasting change in Uganda!

Uganda, Africa