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4000-744-Vatran, John and Estera

Equipping Christian leaders for ministry in Romania.

The Vatrans face well-rooted religious traditions and also the residual mindset from the past communist era.

Pray that the Lord will give them an open mind and a sincere desire to let go and experience the leading of the Holy Spirit.

About us:
John and Estera Vatran, who are from Romania, spent 20 years in the United States before being appointed by WorldVenture to return to their homeland to serve the Romanian people.

For the last few years, Romania has experienced more freedom than many other European nations. This has given the Vatrans the opportunity to focus their ministry towards training and equipping national church leaders and workers.

In light of the upcoming integration of Romania into the European Union, the Vatrans had to seriously and carefully invest their time and resources toward strengthening the church. They also focused on the spiritual maturity of believers and helped them develop a wise vision and strategy, so that the upcoming major political, social, financial, and religious changes will not have a negative impact as it did in some other Eastern European nations.

By God’s grace, John has been teaching for the last 19 years at the 80-year-old Baptist seminary in Bucharest, the capital city. He has also taught at the University of Bucharest, where every year more than 400 young men and women are being educated. For the last few years students and youth have been the Vatrans’ ministry priority. Youth meetings, seminars, and youth camps have given them the opportunity to invest in a younger generation of believers and church leaders.

The Vatrans have also partnered with groups and teams from the United States on short-term mission trips for various ministry projects.

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