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4000-790-Winston, Ted and Malia

Ministry Summary
Having grown up in Europe as missionary kids, Ted and Malia met in Belgium where they married in 1988. They have been serving with WorldVenture on the French-speaking side of the country since 1993.

Following 7 years in church development and 13 years in a fruitful partnership in youth evangelism and leadership development with the Belgian association Jeunesse et Vie, they have transitioned and now serve among young adults.

Their main focus is on college students and young professionals. Their aim is to pursue evangelism and discipleship by means of personal contact work, a network of small groups, and the building up of community life. This age group is largely overlooked and cries out for workers.

The Winstons are also involved in giving pre-marital counseling, speaking in camps and also serve a local church in Brussels where they teach and where Ted is an elder. This church is growing and some 250 people now attend.

Belgium, Europe MENA