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4000-791-Wood, Carol

“Africans, Indians, Arabs, Pakistanis, Persians and Europeans make up the kaleidoscopic mix of people who call Mombasa ‘home,’” which according to Carol Wood, “makes living and ministering in this city a fascinating and challenging assignment.”

Partnering with believers at Fellowship Baptist Church of Mombasa to build relationships with people who have not yet had the opportunity to know Jesus Christ and walking with those who have continues to be the central focus of the Mombasa ministry. Meeting with individuals and families in a variety of social settings, assisting women in crisis, facilitating Bible studies and outreach events are integral parts of Carol’s life.

Additionally, much of her time and energy this term has been committed to leadership responsibilities resulting from the exodus of ministry colleagues. Taking on the role of field leader has been a stretching experience. “Administrative and financial details eventually fall into place,” says Carol, “but an ongoing challenge is to deal equitably with the ministry relationships I’ve inherited as a result of being the residual legal representative of all that WorldVenture has been involved with in this region.” According to Carol, “It continues to provide an opportunity to experience God’s sufficient grace!”

One of the bright spots in Carol’s term was the arrival of the Thompson family in 2005. Ralph and Sandra come with the same goal of seeing the light of the gospel shine brightly in every community of Mombasa. She hopes to see others join the WorldVenture ministry team while the opportunity to freely dialogue with the people of Mombasa regarding spiritual matters remains open. As for herself, she cannot imagine anything else in life she’d rather do than seeing people come into relationship with Jesus Christ and walking with him.

Kenya, Africa