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Ukraine Prayer Guide Available (2022)
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Helping church leadership in Ukraine form a vision and execute a strategy for a nationwide church planting movement. The Yodises partner with local church leadership to reach out to young men with leadership potential who have a thirst for God and a passion to see Him glorified throughout their city, state and country.

Pray that the vision for church planting will be grasped by believers throughout the country so that the church-planting ministry would become a church-planting movement.

About us:
Eric and Beth Yodis have been facilitating church planting in Ukraine since 1995. Before fleeing the war in eastern Ukraine in 2014, twenty-six churches had been planted as a direct result of the ministry of recruiting, training, mentoring and equipping young men to start small groups and churches.

In 2015, the Yodises were invited back to Ukraine to help the largest Evangelical organization in Ukraine to help them “work through a concept of church planting in modern circumstances.” Currently the Yodises are based in Kiev and are helping cast church planting vision, provide organizational structure, enhance training and set up the tools necessary to promote evangelism and church planting throughout the entirety of Ukraine.

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