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4000-855-Horen, Sandra

My current ministry is in Madagascar. I am making sure the office runs smoothly and people and projects get their money each month.
Living in the city when the remainder of the team lives 10 hours away presents some challenges, but nothing we can’t handle. Thankfully we have internet and mobile phones.
The Malagasy people have a history of ancestral worship. While in the city many evangelical churches are sharing the Gospel, in the rural areas they continue worshiping the dead.
The political situation may be improving, but it is too soon to tell. In 2009 the government was over taken by a coup d’é·tat. In December 2013 a new president was elected and in April 2014 a new government was established. Many Malagasy are sad about how this has suppressed their lives even further. The average salary is $2.00 a day.
My heart goes out to the children in this country. I would like to make sure every child could go to school, but that is unrealistic. For the poor the children can go to the public schools for 1/2 a day Monday through Friday, but if they can not afford their school supplies and uniform and beginning of the year registration they are not allowed to go. (this is about $100.00 a year) If there parents can get the supplies they are only guaranteed the first 4 years. When they take their first of the government exams if they fail they are out of school.

Madagascar, Africa