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4000-931-Zody, Addison and Abigail

We will be serving as Short-term Coordinators in Japan. In this role we will be hosting and connecting teams, as well as individuals, from the US to missionaries and local churches in Japan. This involves everything from the scheduling and preparing of short-term workers to arrive on the field, to their debriefing and departure back home.

In this support role, we will be listening to the needs of local churches and finding short-term workers that can come fill those needs. We have a passion to serve American short-term workers, Japanese pastors, the unreached of Japan, our fellow missionaries, and the Japanese church. Japan is a country of high resistance and little fruit when it comes to the Gospel. In light of this, we want to bring renewed hope to the workers of Japan. In order to see this vision come to fruition, we intend to use our influence as Short-term Coordinators to stir the hearts of those coming to serve temporarily, for the Japanese.

Our goals:
-To share the hope and love of Jesus Christ to the unreached peoples of Japan.
-To equip and enable more workers to enter the harvest field of Japan, in the areas of both long and short-term service.
-To support and encourage both Japanese believers and our fellow missionaries serving in Japan.

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