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4000-960-Soules, Hannah

God used my own time in undergrad, where I was a resident assistant and involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, to grow in me a deep love for the university-aged group. It was in my first year of undergrad where he grabbed my heart and changed my course drastically from computers to missions.

I’ll be working with university students in Vienna, Austria. Of the twelve universities in Austria, five of them are in Vienna. What a tremendous opportunity to engage with them here! Like the rest of the population, the majority of these university students are unbelievers. Half of one percent of the Austrian population are Evangelical Christians.

Perhaps the biggest barriers for the Viennese people are the high standard of living and the Roman Catholic Church. People see no need for God.

Please pray for the city of Vienna, all the people who call it home, and especially for all the students who will be studying there.

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