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4001-905-Rinderknecht, Nicolas and Pricille

Planting a New Church in France

We serve multicultural people in the east suburb of Paris: white french, caribean, african and asian people who by the way are often opened to the Gospel

We are missionaries to our own country. We serve in a multicultural context 15 miles east of Paris. Nicolas and Priscille served in the Protestante Evangelical Church of Champs for 17 years. Nicolas was the senior pastor, in charge of the church vision, the church discipleship, the small groups, the preaching, and the global life of the church. Since 2006, the Church blessed the church a lot. It multiplied by 4. We saw lots of conversion and growth in small groups. Now are are sent by the Champs church to plant a new church 5 km away, in Torcy.

Nicolas gave his life fully to Christ at the age of 15. Priscille was born in a Christian family. At 13, she understood her need for a Savior and for a personal relationship with Him. They met as they served the Lord and helped remodel a farm for a Christian camp.

Priscille studied cello and has played in symphony orchestras. Nicolas studied Mechanical Engineering and Methods in a large corporation. He headed the Methods department in Austria for seven years. Nicolas answered God’s call in 1995. He went to Western Seminary (Portland, OR) and got his M-Div in 1998. Priscille helps at church with music, church purchases, cooking, teaching, administrative tasks and counseling.

France, Europe MENA