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4001-940-Barros, Wellington and Tatiane

About Our Ministry:
Our ministry approach involves disciple-making in all we do, while teaching the Bible and sharing the Gospel, encouraging the local church to grow organically, and strengthening them to participate in God’s redemptive plan. In the last five years, as we plant Gospel seeds, we have witnessed people get to know the Word of God and open their hearts to the Holy Spirit and choose to be followers of Jesus Christ! Prayerfully, seeds will grow and flourish in this particularly arid soil, some of which has gradually opened up to the water of life!

Our ministry strategies:
– Church planting and discipleship – Mobilizing Makhuwa-Nahara church and leadership development
– Chicken Farm and agriculture projects – Creating employment and sustainability in our community
– Children and youth program – Planting Gospel seeds in the hearts of youth from early life stage
– Community Preschool and after school program – Increasing ministry opportunities in our community and equipping children with an education to help them join the process of making disciples as they grow!

Mozambique, Africa