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4001-940-Barros, Wellington and Tatiane

We have served as missionaries in our home country of Sao Paulo, Brazil, for many years, were we have worked with underprivileged children and their communities at Restoration Ministries. Both of us came to Christ as children through the Ministries’ outreach and our lives were transformed, motivating us to become full time missionaries.

As singles, we served with Restoration Ministries as Global Partners with WorldVenture. In 2012, we were married and continued to serve the ministry as a couple. We have three children: Victor, Isaac Jorge, and Caleb.

While serving with Restoration Ministries, we worked with many children and had the privilege of watching them become the next generation of those who are transformed by the power of the Gospel. All of this fueling the strong vision we now have for discipleship.

The impact that Restoration Ministries has made in our family is bearing fruit in a new direction. God has called us to Mozambique Island, Africa (off the Northeast Coast of Mozambique).

The WorldVenture team on the Island of Mozambique, has a common purpose of making disciples and seeing churches start in their local language among the Makhuwa-Nahara.

Our life and ministry experiences, while in Brazil, will make an important contribution to WorldVentures work on the Island of Mozambique, where Portuguese is also spoken. The seed of the gospel that was planted in our hearts through the work of Restoration Ministries, is now bearing fruit, as God is lead our family from Brazil to Mozambique Island.

We will be making disciples and church planting in the local language among the Makhuwa-Nahara.

The Makhua-Nahara are one of the forgotten people in remote places, who make their living by fishing. Their oficial language is Portuguese and their indigenous language is Makhua.

After being shattered by colonialism and 30 years of civil war, natural disasters and debt burdens, Mozambique remains one of the world poorest nations. Personal brokenness also persists as many have been traumatized by the violence and deprivation.

Pray for God’s strength and provision as we transition to a new field. Pray for wisdom, understanding and discernment as we disciple and church plant.
Pray for protection and health for our family.
Pray for the light of the Gospel to penetrate the hearts of the Mozambicans as we build relationships with locals.

Mozambique, Africa