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4001-948-Berezhnoy, Andrey

Andrey Berezhnoy serves on the RussiaWorship ministry team. His areas of responsibility include leading the Russian volunteer staff, networking with pastors, worship and other church leaders, recording and producing songs in Russian, while also leading a worship ministry at a church in the Moscow area. God has uniquely gifted Andrey as a leader with a shepherd’s heart who is also musically talented as both a vocalist and a player. He has written several songs which are sung throughout Russia. (You can check out these songs at

Andrey’s father, Boris, is a well-respected soloist in the traditional Russian church community. When Andrey was a teenager, his father came to the family and discussed the possibility of moving to the US. The family of five prayed and decided to stay in Russia as ‘missionaries’ to their own people. The combination of his father’s ties to the traditional church music world, as well as his father’s support of Andrey developing relevant music in a changing Russian culture, has helped Andrey to build relationships and connect RussiaWorship with pastors and leaders of many churches and denominations. God is using worship to unite and transform the church in Russia.

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