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4001-958-Mario, Manuel and Joice Armando

Manuel and Joice ‘s mission is to serve, equip and empower the church in Mozambique, discipling and mobilizing its members to live the call of God for their lives. Their goals are to encourage the Mozambican church to praise and worship God in ways that are culturally relevant and biblically correct, to provide biblical training and missiological practices that enable national leaders to develop their ministry with excellence, to develop church ministry and mission through contextualized preaching and teaching of the gospel, and to connect and disciple artists through contextualized worship arts.

In Mozambique, music plays an important role in everyday life. Music and religion go hand in hand, and in order for the church to attain their planned goals and objectives, this must be acknowledged. Music is a practical tool for dialogue amongst peoples. Having that in mind, Manuel and Joice intend to use music as a tool for their work of discipleship in Mozambique.

Mozambique, Africa